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Top 10 PGs in Hyderabad That Feels Like Home

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Hyderabad is the best city for IT experts after Bangalore. Various prospects for advancement exist in this city, thus more and more individuals are moving there. You might be surprised to hear that migrants make up 67% of the total population. There is an increased requirement for comfortable PG in Hyderabad that offers better living conditions as a result of the large influx of migrants.

We have listed out the top 10 PGs in Hyderabad in various locations to make it easy for you to find your suitable stay.

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List of Top 10 PGs in Hyderabad

1. Best Men’s PG Hostel

This PG in Hyderabad’s Gachibowli district is the best-paying guest in terms of food and maintenance. The spacious rooms, daily cleaning, and friendly staff earn it a 4.9 rating on Google and make it seem more like home. Boys may adapt well here because there is spacious parking, a 24-hour water supply, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

2. Vigneswara Women Luxury PG in Hyderbad

This PG with a 4.9 rating on google securing a place in the top 10 PG in Hyderabad is Vigneswara women’s Pg located in Kondapur. The paying guest’s customers rave about how clean this PG is, having all facilities, food, TV, hot water, Refrigerator, Washing machine, and so on. A little expensive but a great place to stay for ladies.

3. Prasanth Executive Men’s PG Hostel

If you are in Madhapur in Telangana, then this is going to be the best place to stay. The paying guests will enjoy clean rooms, great food, and wi-fi facilities here. The owner is friendly and maintains peace by solving any issues at the earliest hence rated 4.8 on google.

4. Exotica PG for Women

Another best PG on our list is the Exotica PG located in Kondapur, Hyderabad. It is rated 4.8 on google and here you get everything from 3 times food to the refrigerator as well as CCTV surveillance. Ladies are most impressed by the gym facilities, self-kitchen, and spacious rooms. Hygiene is not an issue here as the food is made keeping hygiene in mind.

5. Homestay Men’s PG

This is also a very good men’s PG in Madhapur, Telangana. This PG has all the amenities of any other PG, but what distinguishes it is the gorgeous decorations on the ceiling, good quality almirah, and hangers in the room, and the mess is clean as well as the food is hygienic. Customers gave it a 4.8 rating on Google.

6. Star Vertu PG for women

Another great PG in Hyderabad for females located in Gachibowli is Star Vertu PG. It is rated 4.7 on google and some of its customers say that the PG food has a home-like taste. The owner is cooperative and friendly, caring and treating all paying guests equally.

7. SBL Homes- PG for Boys

This PG is in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, and is the best PG in this place with 4.5 ratings. It has all facilities such as 24×7 water facilities, a parking area, 3 times food, CCTV cameras, and of-course wi-fi like any other PG. What makes it best is that tables in the mess bring everyone together to create a home-like feel. Clean rooms and a peaceful environment are a plus point.

8. Sravanth Grand PG for women

Rated 4.2 on google this is also a good PG in Madhapur, Telangana. Facilities include- food, wi-fi, availability of 1,2,3 sharing room, geyser, and daily cleaning. The girls who stayed here say that food and cleanliness are better than other PGs and the rent is within the feasible range.

9. Gnapika Women’s Hostel- PG in Hyderabad

It is also another PG in Hyderabad for females which are located in Ameerpet. The rating on google for this paying guest is 4.1 and offers various facilities like food, wi-fi, hot water, etc. The students staying here rave about good food and that the metro is nearby which is an added benefit for working people.

10. Luxury PG accommodation for boys

Last but not least this is also a PG with a rating of 4.1 on google. It is situated in HITEC city, Hyderabad. The rooms are spacious and clean, food quality is fine and washing facilities are available. Here AC and non-AC rooms are available and the view from the PG is great giving you a luxurious feel.


Now that you have the list of PGs in Hyderabad we are sure you will find your next suitable home easily. When you move in make sure to pack all your belongings carefully as most damage occurs if not packed items properly.

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Top 10 PGs in Hyderabad That Feels Like Home

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