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Top 6 Pet-Friendly Cab Services in Mumbai

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Someone who doesn’t own a personal vehicle knows the suffering of not being able to tag their pet along with them. Public transportation such as buses and taxis won’t allow your pet which is a real pain. But every pain comes with a remedy and the remedy to this pain is hiring pet taxis.Pet Taxi…? Heard for the first time? But it is real and no joke as there are now many pet-friendly cab services in Mumbai allowing a comfortable ride for you and your pet. Let’s dig deeper into this topic.Pet friendly cab services in mumbai

Benefits of Pet Taxi You Must Know

Unlike other taxi services, a pet taxi is of great benefit as it acts as-
  • An option to transport your furry friend from one place to another in your presence or absence.
  • A hygienic way to transfer your pet securely to another location.
  • Easy to take your pet for regular pet checkups
  • Emergency services to drive your pet to a veterinary hospital in an emergency
  • Taking your pet to the airport for pet relocation

What’s More…?

Experienced Drivers

Pet taxis in Mumbai will ensure the safe movement of your pet from one place to another as their drivers are pet friendly. Also, these professionals know how to handle your naughty furball very well. These professional drivers are a great relief for pet parents who cannot tag pets with them every time for checkups.


Professional pet cab services know how important the life of a passenger no matter if it is a human or a pet. A pet driver will safely pick them up, put on a pet harness and clean the vehicle, finally drive them to their destination and drop them off safely.

Reliable and affordable

Pet taxis in Mumbai are affordable and reliable. You can book a ride at pocket-friendly prices and reliability comes with the best services which mean following all the rules and regulations regarding driving, license and pet safety.

List of Top 6 Pet Taxi Services in Mumbai

1. HappyLocate

HappyLocate has been working since 2016 with a group of professionals and offers only quality pet relocation services. The end-to-end pet relocation services were developed with the aim that the pet parents don’t have to worry about their pets and can relocate them anywhere anytime.

2. Pet Taxi Mumbai

Another best pet taxis in Mumbai is this which was started by a pet rescuer Laxmi Agarwal. The pet taxis offered are meant for pets of different sizes so you can decide and choose a suitable one. There is an easy booking procedure and quotes are provided quickly.

3. Puggy’s and Pari’s Car Services

They have been in the business for 14 years and are great pet lovers. From scheduled pet travel to last-minute booking, you can easily book their services. Also, depending on your pet size you can choose wagon R, ambulance, car, etc. For added safety, they offer a pet carrier and seat belt for dogs.

4. Kharghar Cool Cab Taxi

Kharghar Cool Cab Taxi is a trustworthy name in the industry offering pet taxi services, car rentals, and much more. Easy booking can be made by contacting them. It remains open 7 days a week and 24 hours hence, you can book and move your pet anytime. They have cars such as Sedans, SUVs, and more to book or rent.

5. PetBacker

PetBacker offers various services such as Pet Boarding, pet grooming, Pet Taxis, etc. If you want to hire a pet taxi then you can get 5 quotations from them. Also, there are 26 pet taxis to compare which means you can get a suitable taxi at a great deal.

6. Taxi For Paws

AC cabs are available for your pet at Taxi for Paws. The pet-friendly comfortable ride will arrive at your door, pick up your pet, secure the pet with a seat belt and provide complimentary food and water and safely drive it to the destination. They also offer discounts for intercity and interstate travel.We hope that the above information will help you find suitable Pet Taxi services. In case you are still not sure which is the best pet cab for you then you can follow these tips and compare to choose the best-

Tips to Choose a Best Pet Taxi

Pet Type

Whether it is a dog, cat, bird, etc. check if the pet taxi provides services for the pet type you have.


Check if the pet taxi service providers hold appropriate licenses and background check to ensure the pet’s safety.


Check the rating and reviews of the pet cab services and compare who has the highest ratings and better reviews.

Types of car

You should ask the service provider what all types of cars or cabs they have, visit and check if the cab is comfortable, has proper security features, and if the driver is polite.

Get Quote

Get quotations from multiple pet cab service providers and compare the rates, and ask for the breakdown to get a better understanding of the rates.


The above tips will surely help you get the best pet cab in Mumbai. So, prepare yourself and your pet for meeting new people, enjoying the ride, and getting them to the new destination. Most pets will adapt to it sooner while others won’t but little training will make everything easier.

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Top 6 Pet-Friendly Cab Services in Mumbai

Pet friendly cab services in mumbai

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