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Top 7 Areas to Live in Delhi

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Is it challenging to choose the best areas to live in Delhi?Yes, it is. Delhi, India’s capital, is where everyone wishes to live and work. It’s not surprising if you also have this dream in your thoughts. People in Delhi believe something magical about the city and its inhabitants puts it among the most attractive places. This is why it is called “Dilwalo Ka Shehar, Delhi.”Many individuals throughout the country come to Delhi to live since it provides a wide range of services and opportunities. It is home to some of the leading educational establishments and prominent institutions. Delhi is among India’s largest cities, and finding a proper location in this metropolis can take time, mainly if one is new to the region.So, if you are seeking the most fabulous location to live in Delhi, this blog will help you find the best area to call home.Top 7 Areas to Live in Delhi-01-min

Why is it Vital to Locate the Best Areas to Live in Delhi?

Delhi is not just the center of our nation; it is also rich with hidden beauties that will entice you to visit. This enormous metropolis is one answer for home and job hunters, and it has various fantastic hangout locations, a variety of eateries, plentiful and inexpensive housing, and so much more. Happy Locate, the best movers and packers in Delhi, presents you with some points to consider before finalizing your home buying proposal in Delhi.


The property’s geography is among the most important aspects to consider when locating the best areas to live in Delhi. Which section of town you want to buy a home in is likely to significantly affect your livelihood, especially if you have a lengthy investment plan.


Whatever your wages, it is critical to living a pleasant life within your budget to have sufficient space for savings. As a result, before choosing a property in Delhi, it is critical to conduct thorough price research on the potential investment areas.


To encourage more customers, some real estate companies and builders advertise key features close to the property. However, as a wise buyer, you should research and analyze the location’s closeness to schools, bus stops, and other amenities. If the property is new, it is critical to study how the surrounding area will evolve in the following years.


One of the primary variables that should determine the worthiness of your property speculation is an assessment of the infrastructure development that is anticipated to emerge in the area where you desire to invest. For example, properties near Delhi metro stations are likely to yield a higher investment return than those without a connection.


Another critical issue is mobility within and around your new property. For example, some places in Delhi feature sophisticated and streamlined public transit that eliminates the need for a personal automobile. Still, other areas may necessitate using a personal vehicle to travel around with maximum ease and efficiency.

Best Places to Live in Delhi

If you have thought about making a shift and relocating to a new city, area, or even nation, you have examined a range of variables to select where to relocate. The most significant one is the best areas to live in that impact not only your level of well-being but also the happiness of your family members. Moving to a new place is thus not a decision to be taken hastily. Thus Happy Locate, the best movers and packers Delhi, presents the top seven best places to live in Delhi. They are as follows-

1. Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash, also known as GK, is an affluent and upscale residential area in South Delhi. There are various neighborhoods and markets in the region. The region is split into two parts: GK, part one, and GK, part two. It is one of Delhi’s classiest residential areas and belongs to some of its most wealthy families. DLF Limited is the developer of the community. The majority of the development consists of separate floors and multi-story residences.Greater Kailash is a south Delhi jewel known for its well-known bazaars, which are essential to the city. It functions as the high-end bazaar for most south Delhi areas. Therefore, you will see a lot of pedestrian traffic. It is a pleasant location with decent connectivity, an ideal environment, and proximity to hospitals and universities.

2. Saket

Saket is a posh locality in south Delhi. If you are relocating to Delhi, it’s unquestionably one of the best areas to live with family. It is primarily a residential region that is well-established. The area is densely forested and includes numerous beautiful parks. Saket features a thriving nightlife and some of the largest shopping centers in the country. Buses and other modes of transportation are readily available. Real estate is pricey here, but you can readily rent a house of 1BHK for affordable prices.Whatever you require close to your home, Saket does have it. Saket provides its citizens with a wealth of amenities and leisure alternatives, from classrooms, healthcare, and shopping centers to theaters. This location also serves as the administrative center for the south Delhi area.

3. Vasant Kunj

Vasant Kunj is among Delhi’s most prosperous and elegant residential districts. The location is home to various prominent people and is nestled at the base of the Aravali mountainous region. India’s former prime minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, also lives in Vasant Kunj. This notable Delhi housing area is close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport and the business hub of Gurgaon.Vasant Kunj is home to both large corporations and small companies. Bharti Airtel, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, and IBM’s research laboratory are based here. The presence of prestigious schools, hospitals, and retail places in the region has increased the citizens’ level of convenience. Vasant Kunj’s inhabitants have rated the region 4.4 out of 5 in terms of living standards. These rankings are based on public transportation, social infrastructure, metro connectivity, and market access.

4. Hauz Khas

Haus Khas, one of Delhi’s most renowned areas, also has a historic reservoir dating back to the Khilji Empire. It is a wealthy suburb in south Delhi that combines historic Islamic architecture with a metropolitan lifestyle. This place is the home to some of India’s most famous institutes, including IIT-Delhi, etc., which attracts students from all across the country.As a result, numerous new-age firms have sprouted up within and around this area, providing ample employment opportunities. This area has a combination of luxurious and budget-friendly accommodations.Hauz Khas is among the most active areas in the city, with several notable eateries, bars, restaurants, art museums, bookstores, and so much more.

5. Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh is one of central Delhi’s oldest business and residential neighborhoods, buzzing with distinctive marketplaces and restaurants. Numerous outstanding eateries in the area serve delicious cuisine at moderate pricing. It also has several notable temples and parks where you can enjoy leisure time with your loved ones.Karol Bagh is a lively place noted for its beautiful marketplaces, particularly Gaffar Market, which offers high-quality goods at the lowest possible price. There is always a supply of activities in Karol Bagh, which is ideal for individuals who enjoy an active lifestyle. In terms of transportation, this place is well-linked with buses, metro systems, and railways nearby.

6. Connaught Palace

Connaught Place offers an impressive range of modern amenities. The place, which spans over 30 acres of land, is a shopper’s wonderland and the most preferred workplace. Connaught Place, abbreviated CP, provides us with the most realistic idea of Delhi. This place is well-known for its Georgian beauty. The area’s immense size and structural uniqueness set it aside from other constructions.The structure is organized into two concentric circles, with seven highways connecting the two circles. When it concerns connectivity, the region has seen substantial growth throughout the years. Because the circular shape serves as a hub for numerous aspects of Delhi life, all roads leading out of CP are essential regarding connectivity. The lovely green park in the center has recently been designated as CP heritage.

7. Nizamuddin West

Nizamuddin West is a housing place in Central Delhi that offers a variety of accommodations. Here you will find both pricey and inexpensive options. The region is buzzing with all the amenities one could want. Visiting here can be a pleasant experience for everyone.This location is also home to several notable individuals, including liberation fighters, scholars, writers, and others. This location is also historically significant due to the mausoleum of Nizamuddin Auliya. Attractions like Kalan Masjid and Amir Khusrow’s shrine only add to the mystery of this place.


Every section in Delhi has its own set of probabilities. However, keep in mind that being the capital of India, it offers the best places to live in Delhi and all of the amenities that a person might want in a city. If you have no financial constraints, the luxury regions of New Delhi can provide you with superb housing options such as apartments, mansions, cottages, and so on. However, Delhi has various options for those on a tight budget. Before agreeing on a location, consider the area’s proximity to markets, universities, hospitals, and the places that we, best packers and movers, have suggested.The place you choose today will likely decide the rewards you anticipate in the future. Apart from spending your income with a known company, it is also critical to conduct your study when making a property-buying decision.

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Top 7 Areas to Live in Delhi

Top 7 Areas to Live in Delhi-01-min

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