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Tricks To Move Sofa Couch Through The Door

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Whether relocating to a new residence or simply organizing your decor, to move a sofa couch through the door is among the most challenging tasks. If your furniture is bulky, tall, and wide, and the side door is limited or narrow, the couch might have seemed insufficiently significant to pass through without impacting the decor or the walls. Adjusting people at an angle allows these furniture items to be directed through narrow doors without breaking the furniture.

How to Get a Couch Through a Small Door

Suggestions For You to Begin

Here are some links to consider just as you discover how to move sofa couches through the door.

1. Directions

Detach the pillows and other elements. Detach the legs first, if removable. If not, you will have to adjust the angle accordingly. Detach all available cushions, pillows, and other items of the sofa.

2. Measure the length of the couch.

Assess the couch’s external measurements with tape and note them down. Because you need to determine the exact size limit of the couch, just use edges as the points of reference. Stretch the tape of the ground to the maximum height on the sofa’s back for height. Determine the distance through one living room sofa arm and the opposite shoulder. Make a list of the most far possible locations and determine their distance. Determine the depth between the front and back.

3. Take measurements of all openings

You’ll need to understand the passages’ aspects if you have to move the sofa couch through the door with a tight gap, including the door frame, down a corridor, stairway, or lift doors. Assess the width and height of the openings with your measuring tape. Make a note of the aspects on a piece of paper. When you fail to do this, packers and movers in Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. can help you with the same, with their expertise. It’s always best to hire a professional to take care of the most tedious task.

4. Link sofa and Opening Measurements

Try comparing the dimensions you did take for your sofa to the starting dimensions. It is essential to prepare in advance before taking up the furniture. This enables you to avoid accidents and also damage to property.

5. Take out the Doors

Before moving the couch, it is generally a good idea to take out any bifold doors. Doors are light and simple to unscrew without trying to remove the joint from the door.

Knock out all the hinge connectors with such nails or even another pointed item, trying to tap first from bottom to remove a door. Take every pin out, slide the door side to side, and release it from the hinges.

Take your first measurement as much as possible via one doorstop to the doorway to the reasonably close border of the house when the door is opened unless you want to remove the door or think it is superfluous. Maintaining the door in place significantly inhibits the door’s ability to open, making it difficult to transfer the sofa couch through the door.

6. Take out the door, stop, and hinge

Remove door stops and hinges if you need more space to move the sofa couch through the door.

Doorstop is the trim strip within the door frame that secures the door when closed. Attempting to remove the side door stops will gain you a half-inch if just one is eliminated and one inch if both are removed. Remove the top doorstop to gain another half-inch of height.

Attempting to replace door hinges will offer you a half-inch wider door. Furthermore, eliminating the hinges protects the cozy furniture. Remove the screws using the battery-powered drill and driver bits, then separate the hinges.

You can reach out to movers and packers in Chennai, Mumbai, etc. if you are relocating or shifting between houses. They also help to move your office from one place to another.

7. Change the position of the couch horizontally or vertically

Wearing gloves and lifting the sofa by the frame is recommended for each mover. Both workers may need to use lifting straps while moving big furniture. If you’ve concluded that the sofa can be moved vertically, throw a towel below to protect the fabric. Move the sofa toward the entrance, then upright or hook into the entryway, with the back or seat entering first. If the sofa can be moved horizontally and levelly, take it out level and straight.

8. Adjust the sofa Couch Sideways

If all other efforts fail, may move a sofa couch diagonally. All movers start picking up the couch from different ends. The couch is slanted forward, allowing the first mover to connect the top living room sofa arm around the door. This technique requires extreme power and could be impossible for many people to comprehend.

9. Extra suggestions for couch shifting

If your home has wall-to-wall flooring and requires additional height, you can remove the carpeting around the door frame. Carpet seams may have to be parted. Consider hiring a mover or a furniture technician to deconstruct the sofa, transport it, and then rebuild it in the preferred space. In addition, if you discover that the couch is too challenging to move, hire a professional packers and movers in Bangalore, chennai, etc. to carry it out for you. Another person can help you clear the way while you and someone else move the sofa.

There are various reconfigurable sofas in the market these days which are simple to disassemble for transit and fit through small doorways. Simply take measures to develop each section to ensure it will fit through your door. Confirm that they are easy to disassemble before purchasing. For ease of transportation, a couch bed or lying sofa is frequently easily dismantled. Again, check with the manufacturer before making a purchase. But don’t despair if you want to buy that big sofa that won’t fit through your doors or corridors; there is always a way.

While relocating, you have to consider and manage dozens of things. Preparing for the shifting and coordination helps from avoiding accidents and damage to the property or your furniture.

10. Key points

    • Every time, evaluate your sofa and doors to determine whether the strategies would work.
    • Plan everything for on-time goof-ups.
    • Remove any furniture that may be in the way of the sofa.
    • You should have sufficient assistance. A minimum of 4 people should help the best.
    • If everything else continues to fail, disassemble the sofa.


Consumers anticipate connected furnishings, light bulbs, and fans to remain in the house. When signing the rent agreement, notify the broker if you plan to change a light fitting with the other—leaving light bulbs behind so that the subsequent owners do not have to come to a dark place when they enter the house.

Tricks To Move Sofa Couch Through The Door

How to Get a Couch Through a Small Door

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