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Ten questions to ask a moving company – An Itinerary for hassle free relocation

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It’s fantastic that you have decided to move. But the moving company that will help you relocate is yet to be decided. Do not hesitate to check out all the available service providers in the business. Take time to assess, compare, review and finally decide about your relocation partner.

Choosing a good moving company may sound taxing but believe me, it’s worth it!!

If you relocate to a new destination with an unplanned schedule, poor planning, and consuming packing & unpacking, your fresh start may be clouded in stress and feebleness. Instead, there is a more leisurely detour: Hence, choose a reliable relocation partner !!

A moving company (packers & movers/relocation logistics platform) ensures the journey of your hoardings from point A to point B, where you can start freshly!!. While the Search engine is teeming with websites offering the best relocation services, there are four elements you need to look out for :

  • Company
  • Company Policy
  • Relocation Price determinator
  • Customer Service

There are some things you need to know about each of these pointers. Also, to have a stress-free relocation, you must be more precise on who, when, how and how much your shifting stunt would cost.

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Here Are The Ten Questions to Bombard Your Moving Company!!


10. Is Your Company Certified/ Registered??

Any credible moving company offering relocation services within or between cities needs to be registered and recognised by the Ministry of Transport.

Also, certification from a recognized authority reflects the Company’s responsibility and accountability towards customers & indicates their duration of presence in the business.

How will the answer benefit you?

This question will help eliminate bogus and false companies from your checklist.

9. Does Your Company Have Credible Online Reviews And Ratings??

A verified online presence is an excellent necessity for businesses. Online reviews and ratings provided by customers can acquaint you with the customer service that the Company provides.

How will the answer benefit you?

Reading positive and negative reviews will help you draft the pros and cons of choosing your relocation partner.

8. What Are The Customer References You Can Provide??

Asking for the customers’ references will give you an idea of the experience and customer relations of the Company.
How will the answer benefit you?

Though this question is similar to the previous one, it will act as icing on your cake. So, you can be sure about the moving company you have decided upon with proper customer references.

Company Policy

7. Is Your Company a Broker or Carrier(Service Provider)?

Moving companies are of two types:

Firstly, Brokers( Third party service) – Moving brokers assign your relocation contract to a third party or service provider who oversees the relocation process.

Secondly, Carrier service: Carrier services offer their complete relocation logistics and services.

How will the answer benefit you?

This question informs you about the nature of the Company. You can be sure if the chosen Company or a third-party service provider is in charge of your consignment.

6. Does Your Company Provide Insurance or Damage Compensation Services?

Packing and moving involve potential risks and damages, and the case is worse for Delicate items( Musical instruments, Intricate artwork). These demand a  “Handle with care approach”.

Such articles need insurance or at least a damage compensation policy.

How will the answer benefit you?

Moving companies must provide insurance or damage compensation policies to ensure that all your delicate belongings are moved and relocated safely.

5. What Is Your Refund And Cancellation Policy?

While the mode of payment is most evident, the mode of refund needs some effort to identify. While assigning any contract is easy, it’s not relatively easy to withdraw one.

How will the answer benefit you?

Being aware of the cancellation and refund policy of the Company will simplify your decision-making process, and unforeseen circumstances (like cancellation or postponement of relocation) can be handled hassle-free.

Price Determinator

4. What Is The Mechanism of Price Determination And Calculation?

The most imperative aspect of any moving company is its pricing policy. Labour, relocation distance, inter-state transportation charges, the duration for relocation, unpacking charges, and place of unpacking are all the determinants of the price charged for relocation.

How will the answer benefit you?

Knowing what determinants the Company decides its prices will help you assess the cost of relocation.

3. What Is Your Pricing Policy: Binding Prices or Non- Binding Prices?

Moving companies offer dual pricing techniques:

Firstly, Binding prices are price estimates that will remain constant when relocation.

Secondly, Non-binding price estimates are subject to changes during the relocation.

How will the answer benefit you?

While binding prices offer a clear picture, non-binding prices may push you towards overpricing and unpredicted expenses.

2. What Extra or Hidden Charges do I Need to be Aware of?

A billing invoice never ends with predicted costs. Two or three extra service charges, tax rates, and hidden costs creep into the bill turning the final charges ‘ Unexpected ‘.

How will the answer benefit you?

Knowing the tax rates, services charges, and unexpected & extra charges beforehand can save you from the astonishment upon facing the bill!!

Customer service

1. What Is Your Grievance Redressal Mechanism?

There may be queries, requests or even complaints arising during the relocation process which need to be addressed and cleared satisfactorily.

How will the answer benefit you?

All these issues can be redressed if the Company aims to provide robust and responsive customer support. As a customer, you need to know how, when and by whom the grievances will be redressed.

Also, here are some more questions that can be featured in your answer quest!!

  • When does my package arrive??
  • How can I track my Shipping??
  • Do you provide storage facilities in case the package arrives before me??
  • Are there any special steps to be followed in packing my items??


Each company answers the questions differently. However, some companies may clear all your concerns through the website ,while some may clear it over personal or telephonic conversation or even on site visit. Everyone offers a different approach and you have to choose the one that fits you right!!

While the crucial questions are listed, there is always room for more!! A little effort and research from your end before choosing your relocation partner can save you from tons of confusion, stress and despair!!!

Don’t forget to ask the right questions to seek the correct answers.

Wishing you a Happy Relocation!!

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Ten questions to ask a moving company – An Itinerary for hassle free relocation

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