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8 Blunders to Avoid While House Shifting Services

The most typical blunders people make when hiring house shifting services. Check that you are not doing it. Make sure to check if the moving company is IBA approved, committing to write their promises in words, conducting in-home services....
How is Technology Making the Packing and Moving Experience Better 02 scaled

How is Technology Making the Packing and Moving Experience Better?

The advancements in technology have been changing the way we live every day. The changes over a long time have crossed a level where we are making a difference in our lives. Along similar lines, high-tech innovations are helping the packers and movers to improve the quality and efficiency of their services locally and globally. […]
Benefits of Hiring the Right Packers and Movers

Benefits of Hiring the Right Packers and Movers

Living in Bangalore means that you will have to relocate every once in a while; it can be because of your job or because of a hundred other reasons. And this is the reason why the demand for packers and movers has surged in Bangalore in the past few years. When relocating within a city […]
How to relocate to a new house with kids

Tips To Make House Shifting Easier while Relocating with Kids

Your family is probably already excited about the prospect of moving—you just have to convince them that they’re going to love it! If your kids are like most kids, they won’t find moving big boxes from one place to another very interesting. If you have a toddler with you or a teenager, you will face […]
How to Get Relocation with Zero Percent Damage

How to Get Relocation with 0% Damage? 

Relocation is not a child’s play, there is a serious risk of damage to your belongings and your family if you do it yourself. The risk however will nullify if you hire the best packers and movers. In this post, we will be looking at the main points describing the risk of shifting houses yourself […]
what to ask packers and movers to know if they are reliable

Top 8 Questions to Ask When Hiring Packers and Movers

Increasing relocation demands have led to the rise of new moving companies starting every year. But the problem is that with so many companies out there it becomes hard to find the best packers and movers. You sometimes end up hiring a company that knows very little about relocation and then regret it. We know […]

Driver in India- how much do they earn and what factors affecting their pay?

Did you ever think about how much the average drivers salary in India? In this post, we will answer this question and tell you about drivers’ salary distribution in India, experiences affecting drivers’ pay, and various other details. So, read this post until last.  Drivers in India typically earn nearly 9,500 INR every month and […]

What is the Impact of the Sagarmala Project on the Indian Shipping Industry

The Sagarmala project is an ambitious infrastructure and port-led development program of the Government of India. It is a comprehensive port-led development program to leverage India’s 7,500 km long coastline, 14,500 km of potentially navigable waterways, and strategic location on key international maritime trade routes. The primary objective of the Sagarmala project is to promote […]