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The stress is extended manifold once you live in a place for a long time and plan to relocate. With our assistance, you can trust in understanding that your item will reach the given area within the designated time with affordable relocation charges. Our charges for packers and movers in Delhi are the best in the Indian relocation industry. So, here is the list of factors on which the relocation charges in Delhi depend.
For long-distance movements, the more the distance is, the higher the costs. Therefore, the spot you are moving to will be a decisive factor. There are two kinds of vehicles a shared container and a dedicated container to give induction to move your item. Also, the moving charges will rely on the kind of vehicle you choose to move your products in which truck.

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    Packing Materials Used By Top Packers And Movers In Delhi​

    Standard Plan

    Premium plan :

    Factors Affecting the Moving Cost in New Delhi

    Quantity of Items

    The number of items to be relocated determines the amount of time it will take for packaging. Moreover, the number of carton boxes required and the vehicle carrier for moving will determine the cost of the move.

    Required Manpower

    Several factors determine the manpower required for relocation. Firstly, quantity of goods is a major determinant. For instance, to pack and move the goods of a 2 BHK, 6 people are sufficient. Whereas, for a 3BHK, 7-8 people are required.

    Secondly, the distance between the origin location to the service lift, items that require special packaging and goods that have to be dismantled by service professionals also determine the requires manpower required.
    If the distance between the origin location to the service lift is more than 50 meters, additional manpower will be required to load the goods from the house/office to the goods carrier. The service lift at the original location and destination location must be operational at the time of the move. So, if there is absence of a service lift or if it isn’t available at the required time, additional manpower is required.

    If you have several special items such as fragile items, antiques, and furniture that require to be dismantled before packing, special manpower will be required. Our home shifting services in Delhi take special care of the items that require special packaging and moving.

    Handyman services are provided for dismantling furniture such as wardrobe, bed, sofa, etc. An electrician is assigned for dismounting AC, water purifier and other items that require the expertise of an electrician to be safely removed and packed.
    As packers and movers in Delhi, HappyLocate offers the following handyman services during relocation:



    Living Room:

    Service Room:

    Packing Quality & Quantity

    As experienced packers and movers in Delhi, we understand the importance of using the right packing material for different types of items. Each item is packed carefully by using the right packing material and of the right thickness with the right technique to ensure safety while moving.

    After packing the items using the packing material, they are segregated and put in the right way in carton boxes. Also, fragile items and items that require extra care are packed individually to ensure maximum safety in transit.

    The type and quantity of items to be relocated decide the packing quality and quantity. Therefore, the more the number of items and the higher the quality of packing materials to be used, the higher will be the moving cost.


    The distance to be covered from the origin location (from where the packing and moving have to be done) to the destination location (where the goods have to be delivered) is one of the main factors that determine the moving cost. Therefore, keep in mind that your moving charges will be high if you are far away from the destination site.

    For example, by shifting a 2BHK whose goods after packing in carton boxes weigh 800 cubic ft (approx.) from one locality to another in Delhi, the moving cost would be Rs.10,000 (approx.). This estimate does not include additional manpower required for packing and moving and insurance. The same household goods of 800 cubic ft (approx.) to be relocated from Delhi to Hyderabad will cost Rs.50,000 (approx.).

    Residing Floor & Lift Availability

    If the origin location or destination location is higher than the second floor, additional manpower will be required for relocation. Hence, it is important that you confirm with the concerned authorities the availability of a service lift at the date and time of the move.

    The service lift has to be available at the origin location and the destination location. The absence of confirmation at any of these locations requires additional manpower to be allocated. So, it increases the moving cost.

    Size & Type of Truck

    As best packers and movers in Delhi, we know the importance of providing the right vehicle carrier for your goods. We provide a truck to the customers based on the quantity of carton boxes, other goods such as furniture and the preference of the customer. You can opt for a closed goods carrier or a shared or dedicated vehicle.

    The shared goods carrier is parted into three sections. Goods of 3 customers are accommodated in one section each. Delivery would take longer while using a shared goods carrier when compared to a dedicated container since it involves the delivery timeline of the other two customers as well.

    Goods of a 1RK can be fitted into a Tata Ace truck whereas a 2BHK would require an Eicher 14 ft truck. Goods up to 10 tonnes are transported in 24 ft container vehicle. Our packers and movers in Delhi to Hyderabad will fit your goods in the right size and type of truck.

    Packing Techniques used by Packers and Movers in Delhi for 100% Client Satisfaction

    Perfect Household Carrier

    Our specialized household carriers result from the research methods that allow us to simultaneously move your household goods and your cars. This way, we have satisfied our customers’ desires to obtain their vehicles and belongings.

    Special LCD cases (LED Box)

    The LED/LCD Screen is designed to reduce the shortcomings of damage and reduced work-life of your delicate LED and LCDs that occur with traditional wooden crate methods. Moreover, these boxes are made of high-quality materials that provide additional cushioning and grip to the screen.

    Carton Boxes

    These specially designed rugged boxes are ideal for safely packing your ready-to-wear attire. Also, wardrobe cartons are durable, spacious, and waterproof and aid in transporting your jackets, coats, sarees, and other exclusive items in ready-to-wear condition.

    Car Carriers

    Are you looking to relocate your car? Therefore, our authorized car carriers offer efficient ways to relocate the car conveniently and damage-free.

    Perfect Boxes

    With the help of excellent quality boxes, we have developed an innovative concept for storing your fragile goods. Therefore, these plastic boxes aid in storing valuable crockery items in robustly constructed plastic boxes, which have a significant advantage over the competition.

    Relocation Planning Tips for Moving by the Best Packers and Movers Delhi

    Sort out the stuff

    During the initial stage, you should start sorting out the unwanted goods and only pack the essentials you need most.

    Organize the documents

    Also, you should organize the important and valuable documents and then pack them in the protective layers of boxes with proper bubble layerings.

    Take pictures

    To ensure your goods, you can take pictures or videos during the packing, moving, and loading.

    Choose the right moving day

    Based on the date you have to be available at your destination location, plan to complete relocation a few days in advance. So, this will give you an ample amount of time to settle down. Weekdays and the middle of the month are relaxed times for packers and movers in Delhi to relocate within Delhi or to any other location. Additionally, you can always choose weekends and national holidays to move; we’re just letting you in on some useful information.

    Reach out to relevant service providers

    Disconnect or transfer LPG connection, internet services, telephone, electricity and water by reaching out to relevant service providers. In case of surrendering the connection, don’t forget to collect the deposit.

    Repair and change

    Before moving in, thoroughly clean your new home and inspect the working conditions of the taps, switchboard, and sockets, among other things. If there is any damage, have it repaired.

    Update your new address

    Update your new address on your bank accounts, educational institutions, housing complex, etc. because this will ensure you don’t miss out on any important communication.

    Get the Best Service for Your Relocation to New Delhi

    With our service, your relocation to New Delhi will be a hassle-free event. Enjoy our excellent services with just minimal effort. Below are the reasons why our company has seen such massive growth since its birth, which is why we believe we are the best you can get for yourself.

    Complete background checks to verify our packers and movers in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi to provide you with the best service.

    Firstly, we have a long list of professional packers and movers for your move to New Delhi.
    Also, we are carrying out quality maintenance checks to keep our company at the very top.
    Secondly, we will get you an instant quote for your move to New Delhi, depending on your requirements, to make the best choice.
    Best support from the moment you visit our website to our delivery of all your belongings to your new home.
    Contact us for your quote for a fantastic relocation experience to New Delhi!

    Our Mission

    Satisfy customers

    Our goal is to satisfy consumers looking for a hassle-free relocation experience. Therefore, strive to give our customers the finest possible service. HappyLocate Packers & Movers is the only one that comes to mind when considering the best movers and packers in Mumbai. We’ve been in the trade for several years, making us one of the most experienced organizations in our industry. Our professional Packers and movers in Mumbai can handle any relocation event easily. We’re the ones who can assist you with all of your home moving needs perfectly. Our huge fleet of contemporary, fully-equipped vans and equipment allows us to be on the leading edge of convenience & dependability while maintaining a competitive edge.

    Well Experienced

    In addition to house and office moving, we have considerable experience with bike, automobile, and precious art moving businesses and valuable art moving companies. The relocation process is time-consuming, and we do not want you to go through it. To meet your needs, we have skilled employees who will take care of everything from correct packing through loading and transportation to the final disposal until unpacked. Whether you’re sending domestically or internationally, you can rely on us to deliver your things on schedule and in good condition.

    Specialized Services

    When it comes to office relocations and business transportation, the level of competence required to achieve quality and excellence is considerable. So is your goal to find the most reliable professional movers in Mumbai? If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place. We are the best moving business in Mumbai, India, offering safe and worry-free moving (office, house, vehicle, and motorcycle) services.

    Satisfy customers

    We specialize in home shifting, loading and unloading, public transit transportation, vehicle transport, warehousing, and insurance for local, lengthy, and worldwide relocations. In addition, we offer packing and unpacking services to our customers. Our extensive business and household relocation experience have taught us how critical it is to diligently plan and execute every step of the moving process. We’re pleased with the distinction we’ve established in the relocation industry by continuously exceeding customer expectations of a diverse clientele while maintaining the highest standard of service and dedication throughout the process.

    Why We are the Best Packers and Movers?

    Wide range of services

    HappyLocate offers housing assistance, end-to-end relocation for residence and office, asset delivery and relocation of your beloved pets. If you want to move to another location, we take care of all your relocation needs.

    Housing assistance

    We assist you in finding a house at your destination location. So, you can tell us what you are looking for and sit back, we’ll do all the back-breaking work for you. Housing assistance is available across all major cities in India.
    We understand that moving to another city with family involves a lot of work. That is why we have something for you – when you avail of housing assistance from HappyLocate, our team also assists in the admission of your child(ren) to educational institutions at your destination location.
    Relocation for residence – End-to-end relocation assistance that includes dismantling furniture, packing and moving your household goods to your destination location.
    We understand that moving to another city with family involves a lot of work. That is why we have something for you – when you avail of housing assistance from HappyLocate, our team also assists in the admission of your child(ren) to educational institutions at your destination location.
    Relocation for residence – End-to-end relocation assistance that includes dismantling furniture, packing and moving your household goods to your destination location.

    Relocation for office

    Packing and moving your office items that include furniture, files and everything else that you have at your workplace!

    Relocating pets

    We follow all the Covid-19 protocols for the relocation of pets as laid out by the Government. We have all the safety measures in place for relocation. If you want to travel with your pet, we also organize travel for you with your pet from your origin location to your destination location.

    Asset delivery

    If there’s any office equipment that you want to deliver to your employees or your clients, then we will do it for you. Asset delivery is available across 15,0000+ pin codes in India.
    HappyLocate is your one-stop relocation service provider.

    Reliable and Experienced

    HappyLocate provides home shifting services in Delhi for intercity and intracity relocation. Also, our service partners have been in the relocation business for several years and are known for providing high-quality and timely service. So, HappyLocate has been in the business for 6 years and has completed 50,000+ successful relocation requests. Our customers have rated us 4.5/5 on Google and it is currently the highest rating for a relocation business in India.

    Covers entire New Delhi

    As packers and movers in Delhi, we cover the entire New Delhi. Regardless of which part of Delhi you are in, we will assist you in relocation.

    Preparation and Implementation of Services

    As best packers and movers in Delhi, we pack and move the goods based on the item. Also, we pack fragile items carefully and in an individual carton box to ensure maximum protection from damage. Heavy items are packed individually to ensure the carton boxes are handled with care according to the weight of the items.

    Stay Safe and Protected With Us

    Regardless of the existence of Covid on the planet, HappyLocate ensures that your goods are safe and protected with us. From the time we handle the packing of your goods at your origin location to their delivery to your destination location, we take care of your goods.

    Top Packers and Movers Services Offered by us in New Delhi

    House Shifting

    Assuming you are preparing plans for moving to New Delhi and pondering how to deal with the relocation interaction, we can help you. We have relegated an excellent relocating Company who can help you with migrating your household commodities and things provincially from any area to any district in New Delhi. Additionally, our House moving services is financially smarter and can be done effortlessly.

    Office Shifting

    We offer trustworthy service for office stock moving. Relocation of work environments requires a huge load of security concerns. However, we can promise that every movable reaches its new destination without damage or hassle.

    Car Relocation

    Because relocating an automobile from one site to another might be challenging, our team takes extra precautions when performing this task for you. In addition to providing a comprehensive selection of transportation alternatives at cheap rates, we also ensure your complete safety and welfare! Specifically, we have allied with a section of India’s most well-known moving company, transportation, to ensure that each automobile relocation goes off without a hitch.

    Pet Relocation

    We essentially offer pet relocation services and other relocation activities. Additionally, we perform special examination procedure that ensure your pet’s is safe and comfortable. We give uncommon thought to leave after approximately no doubt, and your pet will show up at the region with our assistance without ensuing any agony. You can trust us without thinking two times about shifting your pet securely.

    House Search Assistance

    Migrating is critical, especially when looking for a house in a shifting area. You can rely on us to move your furnishings and other movable stuff. We likewise help you observe another house in the spot you will move to, which you will call your new home.

    Our USP’s

    Dedicated Relocation Manager For Your Movement

    We need to make your relocation extremely advantageous, so every interaction is overseen by the more significant position of the dedicated relocation manager for your movement. Fulfilment of each interaction happens under the oversight of the dedicated relocation manager for your safe movement of the merchandise.

    72 Hour Damage Resolution

    We offer safe relocation of your stuff to a new location without damage. However, due to any chance or by bad luck, if something bad happens, then we endeavor to provide 72-hour damage resolution services.

    SAAS, ML And AI-Based Tools To Check The Relocation Status

    It will be fun for you when we are with you. Get the stress-free relocation experience by using the high-tech tools which are based on SaaS and AI-based. These tools help minimize your worries as you can track your products online when starting the journey until the product reaches its destination.

    Quality Assurance

    Our team has experts, and they incline not to disappoint any of our customers. They are working more earnestly to serve quality work. Hence, we desire to get support from our customers.

    15000+ Pin Codes Served

    We have partnered with 500+ packers and movers organizations and made a stake in the industry by serving 15000+ pin codes. What’s more, it is yet in line to be the best pick with regards to the most experienced and reliable packers and movers in Delhi.

    How to Choose the Right Packers and Movers in Delhi?

    Relocation is a big step. It involves getting professionals to do the dismantling of your furniture, using the right technique and the right packing material to pack your goods and protect them from damage. Safe and on-time transportation using the right size of goods carrier and reliable people behind the wheel to carry your goods to your destination location.
    Additionally, it is important to choose the right bunch of people to do it all for you. If you are wondering how to choose the right packers and movers in Delhi, we’ve got the checklist that you need:

    Visit Official Website

    Registered packers and movers in Delhi who have created a name for themselves in the market by providing high-quality service will have an online presence. So we can say that official website is the face of the brand on the internet. Every business will invest time, money and expertise to present authentic information to their potential customers on the website.
    Check the official website of the packers and movers in Delhi to know how they started, how long they have been in the business, what their customers think about them and how to reach them. So, if any company has just started their services, and they haven’t served many customer then avoid hiring them as there is no guarantee that your items is in safe hands.

    Background Check

    Get to know the company that you want to handle your relocation. Check on the company’s background by doing your bit of research online. Learn what makes them different from other relocation players in the market and how that is going to benefit you.

    Validate Registration Documents

    Check if the packers and movers you are hiring has registration or not. Since, HappyLocate has all the valid registration documents, we are the best packers and movers.

    Upgraded Tools

    Packers and movers in Delhi who keep up with the trends in the market and use the latest technology constantly strive to deliver the best customer experience. They are strong in the game and will go the extra mile to do the best job for you. HappyLocate uses AI/ML, and SaaS-based tools and as a customer, you will also be able to use the HL Dashboard to track your relocation order.

    Refer to Customer Ratings

    Any business that has established its presence on the internet will have ratings and reviews by customers online. Have a look at what their customers have to say about the packing and moving services. Good rating and reviews will mean the company is legitimate whereas bad ratings and reviews will tell you that company is not reliable.

    Read All Documents Carefully Before Signing

    While doing the paperwork with the packers and movers in Delhi, read all the details mentioned in the documents. Check the T&C in the documents for any hidden charges.

    Get Superior Quality Packers and Movers Service in Delhi by Happylocate

    Verified Packers And Movers

    We are the strongest and widest network provider of shifting and moving companies in Delhi. Additionally, we have the amazing ratings and performance history.

    Organized Service

    We have verified and professional packers and movers in Delhi who complete each project in an organized way. Hence, we ensure there is no burden on your head and you can relax during move.

    Get Instant Quotes

    Want to hire us? Get instant quotes from our executives. Just fill out the detailed form with the name, mail id, service you need, and mobile number; that’s it!

    Quality Maintenance

    Get quality maintenance from our experts during the whole procedure. We provide complete support in the whole process of moving and shifting.

    Complete Support From Start To Finish

    As dedicated packers and movers in Delhi, HappyLocate provides end-to-end relocation service and support. From being your first point of contact to understand your relocation requirement, to, safely delivering your goods at your destination location, we provide complete support from start to finish.

    Client Satisfaction

    Fulfilling the relocation requirement of our customers satisfactorily is important to us. Hence, we are proud to say that our customers rate HappyLocate as the best packers and movers in Delhi.

    Professional Staffs

    Our professional on-ground staff of packers and movers provide you with the best in-class services. Your dedicated Relocation Manager will be available on phone and e-mail throughout your relocation journey to assist you. Reach out to us on phone at 080-35242332 anytime between 09:00 am-09:00 pm or write an e-mail to reachus@happylocate.com.

    Preparation And Implementation Of Services

    As best packers and movers in Delhi, we pack and move the goods based on the item. Also, we pack fragile items carefully and in an individual carton box to ensure maximum protection from damage. Heavy items packing is done individually to ensure the carton boxes are handled with care according to the weight of the items.

    How do We Work at HappyLocate?

    Submit Your Requirement

    Firstly, you want to enter subtleties like your current location and the location of the new spot, the date of shifting, and rundown of things of movement. Additionally, enter your contact subtleties with the goal that we can reach you for an additional cycle.

    Get A Free Moving Quote

    Secondly, get the citations and pick the most helpful one that matches your spending plan and administration necessities.

    Schedule Your Move

    Thirdly, make the progression to affirm the booking for movers. Then, at that point, you want to plan the opening in which you need to move. During that range of days, your relocation exercises will begin, and each interaction will cover under this opening of days.

    We Got You Moved

    The one thing you want to do while the entire cycle unwinds. Lay everything is on us. We will deal with the relocation cycle, and you can unwind or zero in on your work. Then, easily and with no pressure, your house will move to your new area, back home again.
    Our specialists are accessible to assist you and guide you with the 4-step progression process.